Staff Vetting Services

Staff Vetting Services


Vetting is the process of performing a background check on someone before offering them employment, conferring an award, or doing fact checking prior to making any decision.

RD carry in excess of 65 million consumer records, including where there have been confirmed deceased details. It stores approximately 70 terabytes of analytical and usable data. A comprehensive history is maintained on each individual and company. All data is time and date stamped. What is the difference? The RD product is markedly better than any other trace and forensic product in the market for the following reasons:

  • Relationships between "individuals and other individuals" as well as "individuals and companies" are already built into a standard report
  • Search parameters include ID numbers, names, DOB, telephone numbers and addresses
  • Company search parameters include Company Name, Company Registration Number, Company income tax numbers and VAT numbers
  • Data is updated on a daily basis
  • All data is "cleaned and standardised" before being uploaded onto the main database

Data Verification Service

  • Individual Consumer Trace Enquiries
  • Batch KYC products
  • Company enquiries
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Judgment Data on individuals and companies
  • Deeds Enquiries
  • Closed User Groups
  • Data confirmation call centre
  • Death Certificates
  • ID Validations
  • Fraud Report

SEC-E further renders a bespoke solution where a custom search field and outcome criteria can be programmed to the clients requirements for a chosen data report. Once the information is obtained and forwarded to the client, he or she can make an informative decision and what next steps to take with the applicant. We will carry out criminal records and credit reference checks and a check against security service records where required.  It's critically important to ensure that a candidate's credentials stand up to scrutiny before you move forward with your hiring decision.  No matter how senior the position, a thorough vetting process will give you a competitive edge and assist you with employing the right candidate. 

Many organisations are starting to use employee vetting prior to making an offer of employment to a potential candidate. This involves investigating an applicant’s background and qualifications prior to being employed by the company.  This process helps an organisation to recruit a candidate who is ‘well-suited’ to the job role.  Some industries may use this process to check if the applicant has any criminal convictions or any ongoing involvement in illegal activities as it may be a requirement with the specific position the candidate is applying for. All companies must follow the set guidelines when dealing with the employee’s confidential information.

All candidates must sign a consent form to grant permission to investigate their background.  The vetting process normally takes place after the candidate has gone through the first set of interviews. However, if a background check is made early, it could be costly and a waste of resources, as the candidate may not want to continue any further in the application process. Conducting a background check too late may mean the organisation will have to look for a replacement if there is a problem with the candidate’s background. The job role will determine the checks that need to be made.

Nowadays, the majority of businesses are using social media screening to conduct checks on potential candidates. Having access to this provides information to the employer of how suited the candidate is for the role they are advertising to hire. Organisations need to make prospective employees that checks will be conducted and this should be made clear to them on the application form.

Social media screening can also be used to check if current employees are disclosing information, which could potentially have a negative impact on the company’s reputation. Another use of social media screening is to see if employees are bullying or harassing their colleagues. Companies will need to make current employees aware that checks will be conducted and this should be presented in their social media policies or contracts.

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