Specilaised Threat And Risk Consultancy

Specilaised Threat And Risk Consultancy

SEC-E has a collection of specialised and expert services that our team of specialists render. SEC-E renders these services on a cradle specific request or on a more frequent monthly cost retainer package request basis. SEC-E analysts can further make available a daily intelligence update for the specific region as well as week ahead planning and risk forecast for forward travelling and business planning.

SEC-E also deliver clients on request with a detailed monthly country risk forecast as well as a threat specific scoring matrix on business, ports and political scorings and more. Country election forecast and election risk preparation and election set dates as well as a detailed election preparedness document is drawn up upon request for clients and is tailored to country specific needs of said organisation to mitigate the various risk profiles. SEC-E reports are comprehensive and provide a detailed insight into the in country security situation and will assist any organisation with travel and business forward planning.

SEC-E provides comprehensive security awareness travel programs for organizations. We over eLearning training on various relevant topics as travel security, foreign country arrival, customs, vehicular transport, making use of vehicles in countries, law enforcement officials, crisis control, health concerns and actions, female travel safety and organizational concerns that are addressed and can be incorporated and hosted on organizations LMP (Learning Management Platform) and white labelled. SEC-E custom all training requirements for clients that addresses the mandate and need of a specific client. We are mindful of all country and client sensitivity with our training programs and address all internal client policies and procedures with our training material.

Risk Management Solutions

Our comprehensive approach to risk management enables business and government to transform their security challenges to opportunities for improved performance. Our Risk Management Programs are comprehensive with the objective of minimising risks and includes the following:

  • Business Impact Assessment;
  • Threat and Risk Assessments;
  • Vulnerability Assessment;
  • Physical Security Assessment for business and residential requirements;
  • Formulate Life Safety and Contingency Plans;
  • Testing of Emergency Strategies, Processes and Crisis Response;
  • Confidence Briefing to personnel working in volatile locations.

Security Intervention & Risk Mitigation Teams

When immediate action is required our company is capable of despatching Expert Intervention Teams to be on location within hours and not days. Our Reactive Crisis Management capabilities enables business to call on unparalleled security expertise when immediate action is required to manage the unexpected. Our Intervention Teams are capable to respond to the following emergencies, events or special requirements:

  • Emergency Extraction;
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation;
  • Kidnap and Extortion;
  • Incident Response Plans;
  • Business Readiness Plans;
  • Crisis Management Plans;
  • Detailed HR, Security, Customer Service and EOHS policies and procedures for organizations and product and process flow;
  • Detailed policies and procedures on Warehouse and Logistics process flow and safeguarding of product transfers and tracking of shipments from Warehouse to Port;
  • Infrastructure Redevelopment Team Of Specialists;
  • Political Intervention due to arrest;
  • Maritime Armed Escort and Patrol Vessel Charters;
  • Gas and Oil Platform Protection Specialists;
  • Specialist Close Protection;
  • Armed Convoy Teams;
  • To establish a Security Forward Base in remote locations;
  • Liaise with Local Content prior project establishment and;
  • On demand detailed and comprehensive Forensic Investigations.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence Division has a network of capable and trusted, in-country intelligence sources able to support the needs of our clients in both developed and emerging markets. Our specialists provide an unparalleled portrait of the political, economic, security, social and cultural dynamics that could affect a client's operation, management and corporate reputation. Our services includes but are not limited to:

  • Fraud and Financial Investigations;
  • Forensic Accounting and Auditing;
  • Technical Security Counter Measures;
  • Pre-Employment Screening;
  • Political Risk Service and;
  • Duo Diligence Investigations.

Close Protection

Our VIP Protection Services has evolved over many years of experience in protecting Heads of States, Dignitaries, High Worth Individuals and Media Correspondents. Our Operatives have firsthand experience in security in all its forms obtained from years of service in many diverse countries and under most challenging conditions. Through the application of bespoke operational strategies and responsible conduct we have managed to complete all past projects successfully, often operating deep within high risk areas and under battlefield conditions.

Specialist Training

We focus on Task Specific Training required to operate in unique environments. We train Business Staff, Media Correspondents, NGO Staff and Security Professionals working in hazardous and potentially hostile environments in a wide variety of special skills required to mitigate risks and security challenges. Our courses are either location based or by means of formal training in South Africa. We also have a Distance Education program which is limited to specific training requirements. Our Instructors are highly qualified and our instruction is outcomes based incorporating specific scenarios.

Our training includes the following: (These services and requirements can be discussed in detail)

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (Location based or formally in SA);
  • Hostage Survival Training (Location based or formally in SA);
  • Emergency Medical Technician;
  • Offshore Survival (Maritime - SA);
  • Helicopter Under Water Escape Training (Maritime - SA);
  • Survival and Bush craft (Land based - SA);
  • Health & Safety (Oil and Gas Industries - Distance Education) and;
  • Close Protection (Theory Distance Education - Practical in SA).

We value all enquiries and clients and would be happy to assist. For any formal enquiries or assistance please contact  -  .

If you feel like making a less formal enquiry then please do so by sending us an email at  - .

We value and respect our clients privacy and confidentiality. The company complies to the highest standards for protecting your personal information.

PS: Please note that all the above services can be rendered globally if the need arises.

Online learning is the latest and most popular form of distance education today. Within the past decade it has had a major impact on postsecondary education and the trend is only increasing.

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