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Evaluation is an essential first step in developing your wider security program and it applies to security awareness training too. Assess the major risks that you want to tackle. If you’re in a regulated industry, then you’ll want to include compliance requirements.  Work out precisely what training is required to meet those requirements.

When our team develops training content, they make sure that the content lay out some clear real-world examples.  Our team will show the clients exactly what an attack looks like and spell out precisely what they should do if they think they’ve fallen victim to one.  It’s vital to define security incidents and lay out a definitive and precise reporting procedure.  Our team will assist and guide clients to communicate your key policies so staff know what’s acceptable on mobile devices, social media, and ethically.  If in doubt, ask – is a good rule to drill into them.

Most companies will start with an annual training program and training specifically for new hires and our team will assist with induction safety and security briefings as this should be the minimum that should be done to sensitize staff on the risks and concerns from a duty of care perspective for orginizations.  Our team can further schedule monthly training and awareness activities as hijacking awareness, violence against women and children as well as cybercrime and awareness.  Weekly security information letters can also be send out to the organization with pre-arranged content that includes – smash and grab awareness, home safety, vehicle jamming and various other topics and content. 

  Our dedicated team can assist you to mix the content up and make the content relevant to seasonal threats and concerns where applicable.  
When you put in place a new security system, you always want to test to make sure it’s working properly; you should think about security awareness training in the same way.  You may want to include tests as part of your training content.  Ending each section with a test to determine if your staff has garnered the key information can be very useful.  This can be developed on our eLearning platform. 


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