Corporate Forensic Intelligence Services

Corporate Forensic Intelligence Services



Our Business Intelligence Division has a network of capable and trusted intelligence sources able to support the multiplicity of needs of our clients.  Our skilled  and  experienced team provide an unparalleled experience from cradle requests to case preparation and liaising with local and international law enforcement and  judiciary  officials  when and if mandated.  All veracity testing queries are handled in the strictest confidentiality ensuring our clients are represented in the best  way possible.  We value and  respect our client’s privacy and confidentiality.  The company complies with the highest standards for protecting our client’s  personal  information.  Our  teams have several  years of experience in this often very multifarious field of needs.





Specific Polygraph Test

These tests are administered where a specific incident occurred.  When it is required to ascertain if an individual was involved or had prior knowledge after a specific incident or series of incidents.  

Periodic / Random Vetting Polygraph

This is one of our most well-liked services amongst businesses, and we provide these tests frequently.  Random polygraphs are screening tests to ensure periodic and continued truthfulness within the office environment and other. This test can detect fraud, theft and other dishonest transgressions.  Conducting random polygraph's supports a truthful and open work environment.

Pre-Employment Polygraph

When making a decision to employ a new member of staff it is in the businesses best interest to know accurately who they are hiring, this can be realised through the exercise of pre-employment polygraphs.

Pre-employment screening, for private businesses, corporations, security companies, law enforcement and others, is used before hiring to confirm information on the application and honesty of the person, so the best applicant can be determined.  Post-employment testing (random) is performed several months after the candidate has been hired to determine if the candidate is still an honest and reliable worker, including if they committed any dishonest actions or other activities that are not allowed by the employer.

Job seekers today are extremely sophisticated and have professional support from coaches and recruitment agencies with one goal in mind - to groom them to land their dream job.  You may find when you first meet a candidate or read their resume that they seem ideally suited for your role.  However, you find that after several months of working with this new employee, their natural style becomes evident, their interview mask fades!


Our Specialist Team Of Psycho Physiologist Were Skilled By:

  • Charles Slupski – President of the American polygraph Association
  • Estelle Pretorius – Director American International Institute of Polygraph (SA)

Our specialist team of polygraph professionals are associates of the South African Polygraph and American Polygraph Associations and are fully accredited.  The team are highly experienced professionals who have conducted thousands of interviews and administered thousands of tests.


The Code of Good Practice for labour provides that, where employers are contemplating dismissing an employee, the employer should be able to justify this decision by proving that the employee's transgression is so serious that it makes continued employment intolerable. One aspect that could signify such intolerability is the employee's breach of the trust relationship with the employee.

For instance, the employer is at liberty to claim that, where an employee is found guilty of deceitfulness, the trust element of the employment relationship has been damaged.  A veracity test only shows the requester that based on the specific questions the professional examiner have asked the subject, measured against his or her physiological responses on such questions, the person told the truth or was dishonest in response to the questions concerned.

As a result, if an employer wants to dismiss an employee, the employer dismiss the employee not on the basis of fraud as an example when dishonesty is concluded in a test, but for breach of trust in the employer employee relation.

We value and respect our clients privacy and confidentiality. The company complies to the highest standards for protecting your personal information and confidentiality as well as absolute discretion on all mandated projects.  The company will also act in accordance with with all requested secrecy requests as well as NDA’s as and when initiated. 


We value all enquiries and clients and would be happy to assist. For any formal enquiries or assistance please contact forensics    .za 

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