citizenAid OverviewThey say people need to know how to help each other because it could take some time before it is deemed safe or due to the isolated and rural location for the emergency services to arrive on the scene.

The citizenAID™ initiative is intended to empower members of the general public should the worse happen and they find themselves caught up in a critical incident or a terror attack. This free App contains simple and logical steps which if taken quickly can help save lives of the injured.  Available for free download now via the web site: www.citizenaid.org

The greatest threat to a patient after serious injury is time. When there is a shooting or stabbing incident the first priority for the emergency services is public safety meaning access to the injured may be delayed.  This is where this App and its contents serve as an invaluable means to assist whilst the emergency services are on their way and on route to the scene.

What is needed is the ability and basic information that empowers the public in these difficult situations to help themselves, their family and friends and the injured, while waiting for the emergency services to arrive and this is exactly what the citizenAID™ App content alerts to whilst help is still on the way.

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Public familiarisation material



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citizenAID is delighted to share with you our FREE educational material which includes the enhancements from Version 2 of the App and the new pocket guide.

Building the success of our App, version 2 has expanded the public advice to include a Vehicle Attack and an Acid Attack, has enhanced the ‘Prepare and learn’ section and introduces a function to use your phone to dial 999 when prompted to do so.

The whole system has been extensively refreshed to further increase the picture content (with a compensating reduction in the text), in order to be both more intuitive and to enhance accessibility through reducing the literary age. Our original App has proved to be very successful with many hundreds of thousands of downloads, not just in the UK but around the world. We know that the public want this information and that they have used it in the deliberate attacks since its launch in January 2017. 

The citizenAID initiative has now been recognised through three national awards in innovation, counter terrorism and business resilience. 

citizenAID is proud to accept the support of the Wesleyan Foundation, which has made the enhanced app possible in a timely way and to be responsive to the evolving threats of a deliberate attack.

''The public deserves the information on how to be as safe and act as effectively as possible to save lives in these unlikely, but not impossible events.''

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