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  • Level: Advanced
  • Price: R 350.00
Progress Report:

Finish all lessons and pass final quiz




IMPORTANT    Please note – it is your responsibility as a student that makes use of the SEC-E course portal to comply with the PSiRA legislation requirements.  This means that as a student you have to complete the compulsorily and required course Grade progress flow.  This requires that as a student you have to complete all the PSiRA required Grades starting from Grade E to D to C to B and then A.  If you want to register for a CIT and Armed Reaction course as a student you must have a minimum of a PSiRA Grade B certificate.  If you do not comply with these requirements PSiRA will not issue your Grade certification if you as a student did not follow and complied with the requirements.  It is not SEC-E’s responsibility to ensure that as a student you comply and follow the PSiRA requirements for certification. Grade C has to be completed to progress to complete Grade B.


Plan Name Price
14 Days: R 350.00


Duration to complete qualification: 14 Days
Aim Of Course
The course improves security officers skills to act as a supervisor and oversee certain responsibilities at a client location. Security officers will be empowered with the insight and knowledge of a supervisory role and as well as exposure on how to conduct and practice on the job training with his or her subordinates.