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  • Level: Advanced
  • Price: R 350.00
Progress Report:

Finish all lessons and pass final quiz




IMPORTANT    Please note – it is your responsibility as a student that makes use of the SEC-E course portal to comply with the PSiRA legislation requirements.  This means that as a student you have to complete the compulsorily and required course Grade progress flow.  This requires that as a student you have to complete all the PSiRA required Grades starting from Grade E to D to C to B and then A.  If you want to register for a CIT and Armed Reaction course as a student you must have a minimum of a PSiRA Grade B certificate.  If you do not comply with these requirements PSiRA will not issue your Grade certification if you as a student did not follow and complied with the requirements.  It is not SEC-E’s responsibility to ensure that as a student you comply and follow the PSiRA requirements for certification. Grade B has to be completed to progress to complete Grade A.


Plan Name Price
14 Days: R 350.00


Duration to complete qualification: 14 Days
Aim Of Course
The course modules will enhance the security officers skills to manage his or her place of responsibility. How to gather and obtain evidence during accident or incident on a client location. The course modules further encourages the importance of communication and inter acting with management as well as security staff under his or her management to maintain a professional and acceptable standard of service expectations.